ProMaster Pro Floor (PRE-ORDER)

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**Please email to PRE-ORDER this item**

FLOOR ONLY (seat bed purchased separately)

The Pro Floor is a ready-made, form-fitted, insulated floor embedded with L-track.  The L-track allows you to add modular accessories, such as Travois RNR seat/beds, that are variable location on demand and easy in/out.  Variable location is great, for example, one weekend you can move the seat forward and have a bike garage, the next weekend you can push it back and maximize your cabin space.   

The one-piece Pro Floor's primarily glue down install is a time saver vs. floors requiring assembly and many bolt-in fixed location seat installs that may require dropping the tank and other under van complexities.  

European made and crash tested to North American and European standards.  Pro Floor and Travois RnR seat beds are M1, 30 second extended pull and 10 second reverse pull tested.  TUV certified.  Engineered, built and tested to relevant FMVSS and CMVSS standards.


1) Floor images are examples only-please refer to technical drawing for specifics.

2) Floors cannot be shipped, and may only be picked up from our Los Osos, CA location, unless you are ordering at wholesale volumes.

**Please email to PRE-ORDER this item**