Transit Weekender

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Safe Seating for six, Sleeps two:

-Insulated finished floor

-All seats can move forwards or backwards on demand

-All seats removable

-3-point seat belts and ISO-FIX Latch

-European-made components that are thoroughly safety tested to North American and European Standards

-Simply add your own platform bed to easily sleep 4 (not included)


1. (One) 148 4-rail Travois Pro Floor  (130 WB also available)

2. (One) 150cm Travois Sierra Seat Bed (3 belts) 

3. (One) Travois Clip Swivel (foldable single seat)

4. (Two) Travois Swivels (for the front seats)

5. Installation (pricing assumes bare clean cargo van)



-2 - 4 months lead time

-front seat swivels not compatible with air ride seats

-Sierra Seat Bed diagram is of 2-belt version for example purposes (to be updated to a diagram of a 3-belt 150cm seat soon)