Can I pick up my order?

Yes, on an appointment basis.  Enjoy no shipping charges when picking up your own order. 

Do you do installs? 

No.  However we have recommended installers in the Los Osos, CA area.  Contact us for more information. 

Can I visit your showroom to see your products? 

Yes, on an appointment basis.

What does "safety tested to North American and European standards" mean in regards to the Travois brand RnR Seat Beds and Pro Floors? 

Our Pro Floors and RnR seat beds are M1, 30 second extended pull and 10 second reverse pull tested.  We have our TUV and design, build and test to meet relevant FMVSS standards. 

Our goal with every Travois seat is for it to be the most thoroughly tested seat in its class.  

 Testing Facility used by Travois

Can I see your Adventure Vans in person? 

Starting spring 2020, we will typically have a demo Sprinter Flex and Metris Weekender that you can see on an appointment basis.