Travois Sierra Seat Bed (2P)

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Compact ~6'1" bed and space saving front-to-back footprint*:

  • Two mounting options:
    • Premium L-track base: Pair with the Travois L-track Pro Floor (not included) allowing the seat bed to move forwards or backwards along the tracks for variable location on demand and removability
    • Bolt-in base
  • 6'1" bed
  • Sideways adjust: set the location of the seat laterally in either direction 
  • 3-point retractable seat belts
  • ISOFIX Latch child seat anchors
  • Integrated adjustable head rests
  • Safety tested to North American and European standards (including M1, 30 second extended pull, 10 second reverse pull) 
  • European made
  • Fire retardant non-toxic materials
  • Comes in Two-Tone Black (custom upholstery available)
  • Comes in 2-belt (86cm, 112cm) and 3-belt (129cm, 150cm) sizes 
  • The easy installing, L-track embedded, insulated Travois Pro Floor comes in various sizes of Sprinter, Metris, Transit and ProMaster. (not included)

Note: this seat bed is very similar to the 3.5 seat bed, with the key distinction being it forms a 6'1" bed instead of a 6'9" bed.

*30.25" minimum front-to-back (base), 38" max (upper seat back) 

When used with the Travois Pro System Floor, collision testing indicates our seat/beds will meet Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS)**:

  • CMVSS 202 Head Restraints
  • CMVSS 207 Anchorage of seats
  • CMVSS 208 Occupant Protection in Frontal Impacts (Seat belt fitment)
  • CMVSS 209 Seat Belt Assemblies (Supplier Certification)
  • CMVSS 210 Seat Belt Anchorages
  • CMVSS 210.1 User Ready Tether Anchorages for restraint systems and booster seats
  • CMVSS 210.2 Lower Universal Anchorage systems for restraint systems and booster seats
  • CMVSS 302 Flammability of interior materials

**Note: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) are US federal regulations specifying design, construction, performance, and durability requirements for motor vehicles and regulated Automobile safety-related components, systems, and design features.  Canada has a system of analogous rules called the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS), which, generally speaking, overlap substantially but not completely in content and structure with the FMVSS.